Text file merger is a small program to merge a lot of text files or you own text into one file.

I created this to merge a lot of stored procedures into one output were they had to be executed on a lot of different databases.

Each time you do something by hand you add the risk of human error. If this help me or anyone else to make one less mistake I’m happy.

Screenshot of Text file merger application

Requirements: .NET Framework 4.6.1

This application can be installed as a Click Once Application. Or it can be used as a portable application by running the exe-file.

Checksum for portable exe-file version

MD5: 688BA363D8B712EFFC50C1842A275304
SHA1: 5329385D4FAA6E16F7DBEB9DA212A59A39D53FE8
SHA256: 88D87E3845C6B7479C8CBAD0C3A9EEB5E76210BE41242F3BB12245248FDA098C

Download Portable exe-file

Download click once application,  this will also make sure you run the latest version.


Change log:

- – 2018-10-23

  • Created one click installer
  • Fixed so no empty lines would be used as a separator when using append before/after
  • Icon added